About me

Personal Details

  • Name: Juha Koljonen
  • Date of birth: July 1992
  • Nationality: Finnish
  • Phone: +358 500 641644
  • Email: jkoljo@gmail.com

Profesional Profile

I am a Master's degree student from Tampere, with a Bachelor's degree on mechanical engineering. My studies focus on integrated product development and production, and factory automation. I have good experience on designing and building mechanical and electrical assemblies thanks to my work experience and personal projects.

I like to solve problems. One of my recent projects is a robotic arm for my Bachelor's Thesis. I designed and built both mechanics and electronics for the robot arm. Most of the robot arm's parts are made with my self designed 3D printer.

Read more about my projects on the projects-section below!

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2016 October - Present

OptoFidelity Oy

HW & Mechatronics engineer

Job Description

In OptoFidelity I work on numerous hardware and mechatronics design tasks from cartesian robotics to innovative optical measurement equipment.

2016 May - 2016 September


Application engineer

Job Description

I worked on setting up a new machine shop / laboratory space in the TUT university campus. In the job I set up and established workflows for new machinery that was bought and maintained many of the current machines. I gave consulting help and practical help on manufacturing technologies. I also created and refined designs (CAD + CAM) for CNC manufacturing.

2014 June - 2016 January

Tampere University of Technology

Research assistant

Job Description

The job involved various different tasks, typically focused around problem solving, designing and making the designs happen. A typical task was to design and make a solution or a device, with mechanics and electronics. The most used tools in my job were SolidWorks, Matlab, screwdriver set and a soldering iron. Many projects involved some type of programming, such as C++ or Python. I also did a lot of 3D printing and machining. I usually worked on measuring equipment and autonomous machnines, like large hexacopters and rovers. I got an excellent certificate of employment.

2014 April - 2015 November

Lumine Lighting Solutions Oy

CAD Designer

Job Description

I designed various mechanical parts, such as device enclosures and brackets. The job is iterative, and I usually 3D print and test multiple prototypes. I use SolidWorks to do the designs, and they are usually manufactured using plastic injection molding or sheet metal manufacturing techniques. I still work for Lumine now and then.

2009 June - 2009 June

Probis Solutions Oy


Job Description

I created extensions for PHP using C++. The extensions allowed much improved processing speed for often used, repetitive and recursive tasks.

My Education


2015 September - Present

Tampere University of Technology

MSc in mechanical engineering

Studies overview

I am basically continuing from my Bachelor's degree in my Master's studies. My major studies are focused on product development and production technologies, with some studies in factory automation. My studies give deep understanding on various production methods and techniques. The automation side covers robots, sensors, control and machine vision.

2012 September - 2015 September

Tampere University of Technology

BSc in mechanical engineering

4.1 GPA, graduated with distinction

Studies overview

I had a major in integrated product development and production, and my minor was factory automation. All in all the studies went well and I graduated on schedule, with distinction. I worked as a business relations person for a guild and a chairman for a club of space technology along with my studes.

My Bachelor's thesis was "Building a robot arm using additive manufacturing". In the thesis I built a robot arm completely from scratch. I designed and built the electronics and mechanics, programmed software with C++ for the robot's 96 MHz ARM-based controller and created a Java-based graphical user interface. The project was a success. The thesis is available to download below. It is mostly in Finnish, with abstract in English.

Download my thesis

2011 July - 2012 July

Finnish Air Force

F/A-18 Hornet assistant mechanic

Studies overview

Assistant mechanic training was my way of completing the Finnish military service. It involved half a year of intensive studies and another half a year of hands-on training and military service. I received the permit to do pre-flight inspections for F/A-18. I also got to do some maintenance on BAe Hawk Mk 15.

2009 August - 2011 June

Jämsä High School

Matriculation examination

Studies overview

I completed my high school studies with good grades, got laudatur on mathematics and physics, and eximia on English and chemistry. My studies were focused on mathematics, physics and chemistry.

What I’m best at

Skills & Knowledge


  • CAD
  • 3D-printing
  • Manufacturing technologies
  • Digital electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Automation
  • C++, Python, JS, Java, HTML
  • Prototyping
  • Product development
  • Injection moulding
  • Robotics
  • Industrial control

Software I use

  • SolidWorks
  • Catia
  • Linux
  • LaTeX
  • Matlab
  • Webstorm

Positions of trust

TUT Club of Space technology


Years 2014, 2015, 2016. Multiple project leader tasks

OpenPilot flight controller project

Programmer, tester

Year 2015, programming flight (C++) and ground control (HTML, CSS, JS, Angular) side. Nowadays I have moved to code for an upcoming multirotor project

TUT mechanical engineer's guild

Corporate relations

Years 2013 and 2014. Agreements, negotiations, sponsorships

Language Skills


Hobbies & Interests

  • Engines


    Various types of engines are close to my heart. Two strokes for the win.

  • Electronics


    I like to build small electronics projects now and then. I mostly work on digital electronics.

  • Mechatronics


    From code to electrical currents to mechanical movement and back. Mechatronics are awesome.

  • Robotics


    I am quite good at building robots. Robots go well together with my interest on mechatronics.

  • Photography


    I can relax standing at the backside of the camera. Nature and design are my main subjects

  • Multirotors


    I have built several multirotors, and I love to fly them. I also develop flight software for them in a team.

  • Motocross


    I do not compete, but I maintain the bike and ride it.

  • Rocketry


    I have amateur rocket instructors permit, I build and teach others to build rockets. Big and small, with or without electronics.

Read more about my


  • + >

    Robotic arm

    Bachelor's Thesis

  • + >


    3D printed and CNC milled

  • + >


    Injection moulded, for a flight controller

  • + >

    IMU stabilized rocket

    Data acquisition, electronic flight stabilization

  • + >


    Over 35 bhp, very high power to weight ratio, with nitrous

  • + >

    3D Printer

    My own design, partially based on open hardware

  • + >

    Huge 3D Printer

    A project I lead at the TUT club of space tech, huge, fast and awesome 3D printer

  • + >


    A project I lead at the TUT club of space tech, testing electric sails in vacuum and microgravity

  • + >

    Lumine 180

    An injection moulded enclosure I designed for Lumine Lighting Solutions

  • + >

    Tesla coil

    A high voltage transformer project, because sparks are cool

  • + >

    Racing simulator

    A DIY simulator with realistic force feedback


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