Project description

Lumine 180 enclosure

General Description

Lumine 180 is a product of Lumine Lighting Solutions, that monitors movement and controls a street light system based on the measurements. The system is networked so that the street lights are made brighter well ahead of the moving object.

The enclosure I designed consists of three parts. The bottom and top halves of the case are the main parts, and a lens is kept in place with a third part. All of the parts are injection moulded. The case is designed to be waterproof while allowing electrical wires to be attached to the device.

The lens holder part has a special break-away piece that allows two types of field-of-view for the device's sensor. The additional curtain part can be removed by hand before assembly when required.

Lumine 180 enclosure

Company: Lumine Lighting Solutions
Category: CAD Design, injection moulding
Date: 2015

  • My first injection moulded design
  • Designed in SolidWorks
  • Waterproof, cable pass-through
  • In commercial use

Current status

The enclosures have successfully made their way to production. Large batches of the enclosures have been manufactured, and the enclosure works like it was intended. The enclosure has also been manufactured in a few different colours.