Project description

Flight controller enclosure

General Description

I am developing flight controller software in a team, and as new sensors become available and the requirements change, new flight controller hardware has to be created. I took the job of creating an enclosure for the flight controller. A special aspect of the enclosure is that it has to be very tight, as any vibration of the flight controller itself can cause problems with the inertial measurement unit onboard the controller.

Another interesting view of the enclosure is design for assembly. These flight controllers usually sell high quantities, so the assembly process should be straightforward. Therefore a decision was made to abandon a previously used screw attachment of a case cover, and use injection moulded snap hooks instead. It was my first design with snap hooks, which was a bit of a risk. To my relief, the snap hooks work nicely.

Flight controller enclosure

Company: OpenPilot NG project
Category: CAD, injection moulding
Date: spring of 2015

  • Designed in SolidWorks
  • Injection moulded 2-piece design
  • Uses snap hooks
  • UV stabilized polycarbonate

Current status

The enclosure design has been approved and the moulds for the injection moulding process have been manufactured. A batch of 500 enclosures has been manufactured and the cases work great. Further batches are on hold, waiting for flight controller software to reach release candidate status.