Project description

Peugeot TKR scooter

General Description

This is my first project that involves complex mechanical and electrical systems. The project started when I got an affordable but partially disassembled Peugeot TKR 50cc scooter. I gradually upgraded it and rebuilt it's engine and frame multiple times, and finally ended up with a really fast scooter, one of the fastest in Finland.

Most of the performance of the vehicle is thanks to completely rebuilt engine, which has been finished and fine tuned by hand. The stock cylinder was changed to a modified liquid cooled racing cylinder. The fuel delivery system was rebuilt, and it's intake manifold is the first CAD design I have done. The intake manifold has a dual purpose: it serves as a passage for air-fuel mixture and houses additional fuel/nitrous injectors.

The engine has a custom electronic ignition system that can be adjusted digitally, which allows the engine to rev high. While the engine performs well under normal full throttle operation, it can give extra 10hp with a wet direct port nitrous oxide system. The scooter outruns most cars in a drag race from 0-100 km/h.

Peugeot TKR scooter

Purpose: hobby project
Date: 2010, 2011

  • My first big project
  • Hand finished engine
  • Reinforced light frame
  • Nitrous oxide system

Current status

The scooter is in fully working condition. I am keeping it in a warm garage, ready to drive. The best performance of the motor requires special 100LL aviation type fuel, which is not easy to get. Regular high octane gasoline with octane booster works for normal use.