Project description

3D printer

General Description

My printer is a custom design, based on an open hardware design called Prusa i3. My printer has my own design of Y axis and a much improved XZ carriage. I built the printer when I was studying my first year in the Tampere University of Technology. I have gradually upgraded the printer since it was first built. The printer is accurate and reliable.

Probably the crown jewel of the printer is a custom liquid cooled hot end assembly. The printer works by melting plastic and forcing it through a hot nozzle. The heat of the nozzle must be kept only in a small area, this improves reliability and print quality. Consumer printers often use air cooling. I use a liquid cooling system, which eliminates drafts in the print area. Drafts would normally cause tensions, even warping or cracking of the print due to heat contraction.

The electronics side of the printer is not far from common. The motors are more precise than what is usually used in consumer 3D printers. The printer's controller is based on Arduino Mega, running modified Marlin open source software. The modifications allow me to control the water cooling and read temperatures from non-standard thermocouple type nozzle temperature sensor.

3D Printer

Purpose: hobby project, tool
Start Date: January of 2014
Some parts available at:

  • Uses FDM technology
  • Mostly redesigned open hardware
  • Dual nozzle - dual material
  • Water cooled nozzle cold end

Current status

The printer is in active use. It has been used to successfully produce prototypes for many companies. I also make a lot of parts for my own uses with the printer. I also modify the printer from time to time, the latest modification being an improved water cooling pump control unit, which should run cooler when using PWM to drive the pump motor.