Project description

Stabilized rocket

General Description

I have always been interested in rocketry, and I got my amateur rocket launch permit while studying my third year in the Tampere University of Technology. This project is a next step in my hobby. I built a rocket which can measure and calculate it's acceleration, pose and velocity. Measurements of angular velocity and rocket pose are fed into a cascade PID controller, which controls aerodynamic canard fins. The fins stabilize the rocket.

The rocket has a 433MHz bidirectional radio, which is be used to set up the rocket and get flight time telemetry data back to ground. It is also possible to use the radio link to find a lost rocket after the flight. There is a 6 DOF IMU and a GPS onboard the rocket. Data has been acquired successfully during a flight.

The rocket has been tested without stabilizing fins. The test was successful, everything worked from electronics to parachute system. The rocket was flown with Aerotech E28 solid rocket motor. A flight with stabilization enabled is planned for year 2016.

Download detailed report with data, in Finnish

Stabilized rocket

Purpose: hobby project
Date: late 2015, early 2016

  • Simulated with Finnish OpenRocket
  • Designed in SolidWorks
  • 3D printed fins and structural parts
  • Maiden flight in 2016
  • Record breaking, if successful

Current status

The rocket's electronics and frame has been assembled. A modified multirotor/plane flight controller firmware has been finished. The rocket was launched without stabilizing fins to test data acquisition and stabilization commands. The test was successful and the results were used to get a rocket instructor's permit. Stabilized flight is planned for future.