Project description

"Racing simulator"

General Description

I have been interested in racing simulators and racing games, but playing them with a keyboard and mouse isn't the best experience. In the year 2015 I found out about a local company, Granite Devices (GD), that makes motor controllers for various types of motors. Their products can drive a servo motor with great precision and low latency. Some of their servo drives are used in an open source force feedback project OSW. I got a nice new prototype servo drive from GD and decided to build a simulator around it. The force feedback system feels awesome and very realistic.

My simulator's frame is based on a simulator frame of my friend's, reverse engineered, drawn with SolidWorks and improved here and there. I designed it to be cut from 18 mm baltic birch plywood using a large CNC mill. The simulator also has mounts for a Sparco seat and the force feedback system, consisting of a GD Simucube servo drive and MiGe 1kW industrial servo motor.

I also developed a wireless button and paddle shifter system for the simulator's steering wheel. It uses 3D printed and laser cut parts, has a really great tactile feel and a low lag of about 15 ms. The wireless side was developed with my friend Mika. The well engineered button and shifter system has caught the attention of various simulator racing focused forums and groups.

"Racing simulator"

Purpose: hobby project
Date: summer of 2016
URL: GD blog about my simulator
URL: Shifter system

  • Realistic force feedback
  • Wireless shifters
  • CAD designed
  • CNC milling, 3D-printing, laser cutting used

Current status

I have finished the frame of the simulator system and most of the related peripherals. The shifter system is gaining interest in simulator enthusiast circles, so time will tell what comes out of that interest. The GD Simucube has a quickly evolving firmware and having a working simulator rig allows me to participate in the development.